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A comparison of pochade boxes and lightweight easels

If you want to travel light when painting, a pochade box is one option. Here are a number of pochade boxes that you may want to look at.

Art Essentials Pochade Box

Information about a pochade box for the plein air painter, made by Art Essentials .

East Coast 9×12 inch Pochade Box

Information about a pochade box for the plein air painter made by an east coast manufacturer.

How can I build a plein air easel?

If you have tried using French easels when you are plein air painting, and you are not happy with the weight or layout, there are many other options to choose include building your own easel.

Open Box M 11×14 inch Panel/Palette Carrier

Information about a panel/palette carrier for the plein air painter made by Open Box M.

Portable easels review

There are many different types of easels you can use for plein air painting. Here are some alternatives:

Sun Eden Easel

A manufacturer of lightweight easels for the plein air painter. They have special lightweight attachments for plein air easels for oils, pastels, and watercolors.

Using Water-Soluble Oil Paint

Water soluble oil paints offer an alternative to traditional oil paints that can solve problems for artists that are allergic to paint thinners. This article describes what water soluble oil paints are, and how they are used to help you decide if they are for you.

Wet panel carriers

When you are painting away from the studio, you need to get the paintings back home without damaging the painting. Here is a variety of choices to help you carry your paintings safely.

What alternative materials are there for making plein air panels?

Canvas has been used for centuries, and is preferred by many artists, while others prefer to use panels. But panels come in different materials, so which one is best for you? In this article we will explain the composition of the different materials so you can decide which one will work for you.

What equipment do I need for plein air painting?

Some standard pieces of equipment that you will need when you go plein air painting.

What kind of painting support should I use?

What are your alternatives for painting on, canvas, board, card? This article explains the options.

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